Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 12: Returning to America

We woke up just a few hours later, and had one last Costa Rican breakfast before heading out to the airport at 3am. After we got through security, we spent some time sitting and chatting as a group about our journey in Costa Rica. Its hard to believe that the day to leave was already here. So much has happened since the last time we were at this airport, but it still seems weird that 12 days have already passed. This trip has been one of the most amazing and awarding things I have ever done!

We were all very sad to be leaving Costa Rica. It has been such an amazing 12 days and we had grown very close as a group. It was to the point were it was getting hard to imagine living a life other than the relaxed, stress free, easy going life we had been living for the past 12 days.

This is a view of the mountains surrounding San Jose. In the distance is a volcano that erupted while we were in Costa Rica. The Volcano erupted a few days after we arrived. Luckily, no one was injured by it. Our pilot pointed it out to us.

One of our last views of the amazing country where we had just spent the last 12 days!

Our first view of America.

Pretty cloudscape we flew past on our flight from Miami to Nashville. I spent most of the flight reflecting on the amazing 2 weeks that have just passed. I had studied abroad before, and I was worried that this shorter trip would not live up to my expectations. I had nothing to be worried about! This trip exceeded all of my expectations.

 We were all tired from our journey, but that didn’t stop us from continuing a tradition we had started on the trip. Anytime someone fell asleep, we took a picture of him or her. This was the last picture on my phone from the trip and it makes me laugh!

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